Firestone Walker XVII & BarrelHouse Brewing Co.

Brewery: Firestone Walker

BrewMaster: Matt Brynildson


Bands Performing: 1

# of Korean BBQ Sticks Ron ate: ~12 (eventually cut off)

Longest Beer Line: Stickey Monkey

Most Mysterious Keg in the Barrelroom: Three Threads (what is this?!?)

Firestone Walker Invitational 2013

Brewery: Lots of participants

BrewMaster: Many (all in attendance)


Bands Performing: 2

Victor in the 'Winner Take All' Corn hole game: Rob

Temperure in degrees 'Frick': 54.6 (roughly 102 degrees Fahrenheit)

Beer which best fit the day: Lost Abbey Framboise

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