Kate the Great '12 Factsheet

UPDATE - Tod Mott has since resigned from his position as head brewer of Portsmouth Brewery. He has taken the recipe for Kate the Great with him and will likely be opening a brewery in Maine in the near future. Portsmouth retains the rights to the Kate the Great brand. Todd is opening a new brewery across the river in Kittery, Maine which should be operational in early 2014.



Brewery: Portsmouth Brewery

BrewMaster: Tod Mott


Release Date: 3/5/12

2012 Batch Size: 14 barrels (420 gallons)

# of Bottles Sold: 2,000 - 11.16oz Steini bottles

# of Drafts Served: 2,780 - 8oz pours

Brewing Time to Make KtG: 5 months

(1 month fermenting, 4 months conditioning)


Beer Style: Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 10.00%

IBU: 60

Gravity: 26 degrees Plato (OG), 6 degrees Plato (FG)


Cost of Bottle (11.16oz): $8 (+scratch off ticket costs)

Cost of Draft (8oz): $10


First Draft Poured: 11:35am

Last Draft Poured: 6:45pm

Length of Line: >500 people at 10:50am

Wait Time in Line Average: 3 hours 05 minutes

# of Kate's Consumed by Dave and Ron: 7 (0.25%)


Time it took to sell out of spare ribs: 20 minutes

(obviously a hotter commodity than Kate!)


Kate the Great '12 Press



Seacoast Online




Seacoast Beverage Lab

(source of the great time lapse video from the episode!)


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